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Sikander and Natasha Romantic Date in New York

Sikander and Natasha were planning a business trip in July 2016, and Sikander thought that would be an amazing opportunity to propose to his long term girlfriend. He reached out to us with the rooftop proposal idea. We booked the Majestic Midtown Rooftop, planed all  the decorations and hired a photographer. Everything was according to the plan except one thing, due to the family emergency Natasha had to cancel her trip to the Big Apple.


So one year later, Sikander and Natasha made their trip to New York as a married couple already. And while walking in the park they saw the terrace covered in candles, “thats how i wanted to propose to you a year ago” he said.


They step inside the terrace and he reclaim his love once again. What a romantic way to renew the vowel and just make your partner happy.

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