Stories From Our Clients: Samantha and Joshua marriage proposal in a park

They say the best kind of relationships starts as friends. Well this is how their story starts, at the time, Sam was a youth leader at their local church and Josh had just started going to the church. They had a prayer station at Sam’s house and not knowing who he was, Josh showed up. They got to know each other a little more and from there they became the best of friends. The chemistry was always there but they both were too distracted by other things to really notice it. Everyone around them would make comments about “how natural their chemistry was” or “how they knew they would end up together” and they both would just brushed it off. As friends they had a bond like no other. They would laugh without saying nothing because they already knew what they were thinking, they felt each other vibes and already knew when something was wrong, they felt so comfortable with each other that they were able to be vulnerable and it was so easy to do so. If you know Sam, you know expressing herself and how she feel is not her specialty. One night they were on the phone till 5 am and when Josh is tired he becomes a little more vulnerable than usual. They were talking about everything and anything till he randomly said “Sam, I like you.” in the inside She was like “yass finally!” but she was also shocked. She ended up staying in shock and couldn’t say anything about the topic till 4 days later than She told him how she really felt about him. After that they gave their relationship to God and let Him guide them to where He wanted them to be. People may ask “why are they rushing it?” or “they are so young”, all they can say is “It’s Gods plan and when you know you know”.

Josh is very romantic and spontaneous guy. One day he told Sam “Babe we are going on a date be ready by 5 and dress nice.” She didn’t ask to much questions and started to do just that.

On their way there he was super nervous but she couldn’t figure out as to why. Then they got to central park and he said okay there is a super nice restaurant that I want to take you. As we walked he would stall and would take random pictures of her and she eventually said “babe, I just want to eat! I am getting hangry” So they walked as they got closer to the location he got even more nervous and would say in a nervous voice “look down, close your eyes, don’t cover it with your hands! Just close them!!” She was nervous laughing and didn’t know what to do. When we got to the location, why I love you by major came on and when she looked up she saw the lights and a big marry me sign. She got nervous, her knees got weak. He expressed his love for her and then got on one knee and popped the question. She with no hesitation said YES!!!

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